What To Look For When Hiring

A Photographer

by William Lulow

When you are buying a creative service there are several things you might want to look for:

  1. Consistency – make sure the artist can do the same types of images over and over again
  2. Professionalism – sometimes hard to ascertain on first glance, but you can tell by an artist’s presentation that he/she is professional. Are images presented well? Is the artwork great? Look at stationery and business cards. Are they designed? Or are they just slapped together?
  3. Reliability – What do others say? Can you get testimonials from other clients?
  4. Quality – Is the artwork really good? Look at the lighting. Does it have a flair? Or is it mundane?
  5. Purpose – By his/her samples, can the artist execute the kind of image you have in mind?

I always tell my corporate clients that the best way to buy commercial photography is by the day. Most photographers have a “day rate.” During that typical day, most photographers will try to schedule as many shots as they can. That’s how to get the most “bang for the buck.” Most photographers like being hired for the whole day rather than just a single shot.

Photographers these days, really appreciate clients who know what they want and know how to specify clearly, the kinds of shots they need. Photographers also like clients who know what goes into creating great images – the preparation time, the necessary equipment and the ability to use it all correctly. Just as communication is important for photographers, it is just as important for clients. It is the job of the commercial photographer to translate the ideas or concepts of the art director into two dimensional images and make them stand out from other images of the same kind. It is always a collaboration between art director and artist. The better the communication, the better the result.