Studio Techniques on the Road

by William Lulow

As I have mentioned previously here, lighting is really my forte. I try to imagine different lightings on whatever subject I’m photographing. I am constantly looking at light and how it interacts with a variety of subjects. For example, food looks really great when lit from above. Subjects usually take on a special glow when lit from behind. So, when I’m outside the studio, I’m constantly looking for camera positions that contribute to the lighting.

Here is a perfect example: I came across this field of pumpkins on a fall trip a couple of years ago. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon with sunlight come from the west. I positioned myself so that the sun would light the backs of the pumpkins and adjusted the exposure just enough so that there would be detail in the front.

The lesson is to be aware of light and how it interacts with whatever or whomever you are photographing.