Studio Necessities

by William Lulow

There are many items it would be nice to have in a photographic studio, but there are a few necessities. Of course, a large-enough space to accommodate the subjects you want to photograph and all of the items below:

  1. The camera
  2. A good tripod
  3. A main light
  4. A fill-in light
  5. One or two lights for accents
  6. Power packs to power the lights
  7. Background materials (including no seam paper)
  8. Step ladders
  9. Boxes or stools for the subject(s)
  10. Light stands
  11. Reflector cards
  12. Roscoe foil (black tin foil to direct light)
  13. Radios for firing all the lights
  14. Today, you probably also need a laptop computer to preview images and show them to the client
  15. All the appropriate power cords and junction boxes
  16. A powerful computer equipped with software necessary for image processing (these days something running fast say, 3gHz or better and 4 – 6 GB of RAM)
  17. External hard drives

This is certainly enough to get anyone started. There will be refinements and other additions for location lighting with portable equipment such as travel cases, etc. But this should suffice to get you going.

How many of these items can you find in this image of my old studio?