Some Photoshop Magic

by William Lulow

I wanted to make some fall foliage images because the colors of the leaves this year seemed to be particularly vibrant. So, I went out to a local Audubon sanctuary and took a walk. I made some colorful pictures and decided to bring them into Photoshop and see if I could play around with some of the program’s filters and gradient tools. Most photographers, myself included, usually use Photoshop for just the basics of photo editing, cropping and some slight retouching. And that’s fine with me. I am a firm believer in not trying to alter the landscape beyond fixing a few things. I believe that shooting digitally is basically the same as shooting with traditional film. It is a medium pretty much like any other. (Of course, the digital realm allows for many more “improvements” that the photographer can execute himself/herself). And, with all the advances the digital revolution has brought us, it really is NOT the same medium at all. However, I still like the fluidity and openness of film as a platform for making images. It is sort of like the difference between live sound and digital instrumentation.

Anyway, here are two versions of the same image. The first one is “normal” and the second has been adjusted to make the colors a bit more vivid.