Sawyer Fredericks In Concert

by William Lulow

Here’s another one of those self-serving blog articles! Except the technical specs on these are worth noting. They were all shot at around ISO2500, f/4.5 at 1/100th of a second. Camera was on MANUAL, but I used the single point autofocus for most of these. This time I took the trouble to get right down in front and shoot up. Most were shot with the Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens. On my cropped sensor 60D it acts like about a 112mm lens or so, perfect for this shooting distance.

Shooting Sawyer, one of last year’s “The Voice” winners, was really a great experience because he’s got such a great, resonant voice that kind of draws you in to the song even while you’re photographing the performance. I wound up shooting around 300 frames just to be sure I didn’t miss anything while being caught up in the music.





Naturally, I shot quite a few standing up as well:


There were a number of occasions to shoot original black&white at this gig. Backgrounds were basically dark, and the club’s lighting made the faces stand out.

Doing concert photography takes some understanding of music and musicians. In order to get certain expressions, photographers have to learn to anticipate them being ready to trip the shutter when they happen. This is the way to get these really soulful expressions.