Radio Slaves

by William Lulow

Most photographers discovered radio slaves years ago and they have become a necessity for making creative images with multiple flash units NOT attached to the camera. They really allow for interesting lighting effects in all sorts of situations. I use the Quantum Radio Slave, but Pocket Wizard makes a great unit as well. It consists of a transmitter and several receivers that fire as many flash units as you wish simultaneously. As I have indicated many times, your lighting becomes much more interesting when you begin to place your lights in different places. Once you know the basics of lighting setups, you can experiment with different effects.

This is the basic set up I use for off-camera portable flash:


What I’ve got here is a portable flash on a stand, connected to a battery pack and my Quantum receiver. It’s fired by the transmitter on the camera. I use several of these when I want to be portable. Of course, I use them with my studio units as well.


This shot was made by placing the above light in the room with the bride, groom and justice of the peace. I then went outside to get the window frame in the shot.