Professional Tripods

by William Lulow

It’s always interesting to note that there are many different types and levels of equipment on the market to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Those for whom photography is just a hobby don’t need the level of equipment manufactured for professionals who use it every day. But when the level of an enthusiast rises to demand better quality equipment, the differences can be enormous.

Take a tripod, for instance. There are those made to accommodate light-weight cameras and then there are those designed to offer a great deal more support. If you are shooting for someone other than yourself, you will need to use the very best equipment you can get.

Here are three tripods of different quality. They range in price from $99 to $600. The one on the left will support 3.3lb, the middle one will support 9.6lbs. and the one on the right, 15.6lbs. So even though the middle one looks the strongest, it really isn’t.

Manfrotto Light Tripod (3.3lbs)  Manfrotto Larger Tripod (9.6lbs)  Gitzo (15.6lbs)

Some are made out of aluminum, the more expensive ones are made from carbon-fiber materials.

When you are looking at tripods, try to find the item that will suit your needs completely. If you travel a lot, you’ll need something that will fold up to a small size and yet give you enough support for the images you intend to make. If you take your picture-taking seriously, sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice size and weight for stability.