Photographs Of The Million Women March

by William Lulow

Sometimes, it just makes sense to put your camera on AUTO and simply try to capture events playing out in front of you!

I’ve always been a proponent of being able to control lighting and exposures, but there are occasions when you just need to let the technology do what it does best. Such was the case during the recent “MILLION WOMEN MARCH” which took place all over the world. I wasn’t able to travel to Washington, DC, but I did participate in the protest in New York City.

For a photographer, this consisted of constantly changing light conditions. So, there were many times I just put the camera on AUTO and let the auto-focus do its thing as well. Here are some examples:

This technique even worked in bright sunlight:

For these images, I used the total AUTO setting on my Canon camera. There is also a PROGRAM (P) setting as well. But I find, for situations like these it doesn’t always work as well. I want the camera’s computer to select ALL the settings for me, even including the ISO! (Most of the time, even an ISO setting of 1000 or 1600 still provides good quality images). The reason for doing this is to not have to worry so much about exposure. This allows the photographer to concentrate more on just capturing the action that is happening on the street. Each of the images above is well-exposed and they are consistent through some different lighting changes. This is the goal.

When I can shoot in a more controlled environment, I always use the MANUAL setting and decide for myself what kinds of exposures I want to make. When you are shooting landscapes or scenes, say, you might want to underexpose just a bit to obtain more saturated results. Or, you may want to limit depth-of-field to make just one object stand out. Or, you might be in a low-light situation where you would need to pump up your ISO setting a bit to get the results you want. All of these things I do with the camera on MANUAL. It is my preferred way to shoot. But, where you can’t really control the lighting (or don’t really need to), the AUTO setting really comes in handy. 

Note: There were more than quite a few men here, so the march was not just about women.