Photographing Haylie!

by William Lulow

Making images of babies and children is one of the joys of doing photography! They are just full of all kinds of expressions and non-expressions. Since my new granddaughter, Haylie was born last Thursday, I have been going crazy taking pictures of her. From just about an hour after she was born, right up until the present (about a week later), I have taken many shots. Tomorrow, I will do her first “professional” shoot, complete with lights, umbrellas and backgrounds. I will post some of those shots in next Tuesday’s article. Meantime, here are a few of her. Now, there are photographers who specialize in shooting just infants! I, of course, am a commercial photographer and I’m often asked to do many different kinds of images. These “infant” photographers have all kinds of props,  poses and techniques that many of today’s new moms seem to love. My daughter has asked me to photograph Haylie, so I’ve been looking at what some other photographers have done. I’ll publish those results in next Tuesday’s article,  after tomorrow’s shoot,  so you can see for yourself how successful I was.

Most of these were taken with a 60mm macro lens, with an ISO of 200. Exposures were around f/3.5-5.6 at 1/125th of a second. For many of them, I used just a Canon 480EX speedlight, set on 1/2 power, TTL and bounced off the ceiling. (You can tell by looking at the catchlights in her eyes, when they are open).




When photographing babies, like all children, you have to be prepared for anything. To capture great expressions, it helps to observe what’s going on through the viewfinder so that you will be able to trip the shutter at just the right time. It’s tempting to be looking at the child, but remember, you’re there to make pictures!!

Having a grandfather who has been a photographer nearly all his life, means lots more shots of Haylie!