More Wedding Photography

by William Lulow

As I have often said, weddings are great events to photograph because everyone looks so good and they usually take place in photogenic locales. To me, the secret of making great wedding images lies in combining some posed photographs with many candid shots. You obviously want to capture the main events of the day as they are happening, but you also want to have great pictures of the bridal party and the families.

There are many “tricks” these days, including “trash the dress” shots, but I don’t think they make lasting images. The things you want to see when you’re looking back at your wedding album is what the people looked like back when you got married. As I look back over my wedding pictures, I’m amazed to see how many people in my family are no longer with us! The group shots of families and friends are especially important as the years go by.

So, I try to photograph in a documentary style, mixed with impromptu groups of people who naturally belong together.

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