Some More Photographic Magic

by William Lulow

Here’s an image that I’ve used on my website for quite a while. It was an interesting set up of lights and a “live” special effect. I wanted to make a photograph that would be kind of “mystical” and yet call attention to a good-looking model. I decided that I would rent a smoke machine to give the image that “hazy” kind of effect. I wanted to capture the effect of light coming through the haze.

I set up a black, no-seam background and cut a hole about in the middle and put one strobe head behind the hole. It wouldn’t have worked the same if I had used to lights or one light as edge lights because they would not have produced the same effect on the smoke. I actually made this photograph on 4×5 Ektachrome film and made several attempts at getting the light, the model position and the smoke just right.

The main light was my typical set up of a strobe bounced into my large umbrella to keep the effect soft.