More Jewelry Images

by William Lulow

Here is another image of jewelry, pearl earrings. This was shot with two soft boxes placed fairly close to the earrings. It was shot with a 60mm macro lens, stopped down to f/22. At this distance, probably one foot from the subject, you can sometimes render round objects slightly soft. But the jewels are perfectly sharp as is the background. I covered a piece of foam core with the background paper and poked the studs of the earrings through it. The power came from a Dynalite M1000 at approximately 250 watt seconds for the main light and 125 watt seconds on the fill-in.

In this case, I didn’t mind the slight shadow on the background because I thought it separated the pearls from the background more and gave it some added depth. You can sometimes add white cards as reflectors in the front to reflect white in the shiny parts of the jewels, but here I thought there was enough separation as it was.