Making Images In The Rain

by William Lulow

I tend to believe that true photographers will try to make good images no matter what the weather! Rain presents some interesting conditions because everything is shiny and light is reflected in just about everything you shoot. So, it provides you with countless opportunities. This was the case when I was in Miami the other night. I decided to take advantage of the conditions. Many of these images were made with an ISO of 2000 and the addition of a cross-hatch filter to give the specular highlights some added interest.

Sometimes the filter may seem like a “trick.” But, it can be used for effect as long as it is not overused. The effect is a bit redundant on this last image, but on the one above it, it works really well. You can try to keep the effect to a minimum by looking at the scene and only include a few lights in your field of view. This will put the effects only where you want them. The rule of thumb for this is that the smaller the light, the more specular it will appear. Small lamp lights and headlights reproduce as pin point light sources. So try to include some larger light sources as well in your scene. I was able to do that in the second image with the fire produced by a few outdoor space heaters. The top image was made just at dusk, so I was able to use some of the light sky in the image as well.