Latest Cover Shoot For THE CONNECTOR

by William Lulow

When you shoot for a magazine, you never really know what the actual conditions or layout of the place in which you will be photographing is until you get there! (Unless, of course, you can do a location scout prior to the shoot).  For this reason, you often need to be prepared for any eventuality. I always bring much more equipment than I think I will need. Last week’s shoot for THE CONNECTOR magazine was no exception. I knew it would be in a TV studio, but that was about it! So, I brought my complete studio setup with four lights as well as my speedlight kit just in case I wouldn’t be able to do a complete setup.

This was the scene in the studio itself while the taping was going on:


I actually made this image with my iPhone because my DSLR would have made too much noise. But I was prepared to do the shoot with just a single light if I had to.  I wound up being able to set up in an adjacent space. This is what that setup looked like:


I didn’t use any of the TV lights, but I did use some of the props in this studio. This is one of the shots we got:


Being able to set up my lights ahead of time allowed me to pre-light my set and get my exposures and other props down before the subjects came in. Once they were finished with their taping, I was able simply to plug them into my set and come away with several different poses that could readily be used for this magazine shoot.

Here is another pose:


This kind of shoot underscores the need for editorial photographers to be as flexible as possible when doing these types of assignments. Often, subjects (especially celebrities) don’t have much time to give to photographers, even though the shots are for publication. It’s necessary for us to understand what our subjects are going through during the course of their day and be cognizant of their time. The ability to have things set up and ready to go is usually much appreciated by our subjects, as it was in this case.