Interesting Still Life Technique

by William Lulow

Here’s a neat little still life shot where the lighting was a bit tricky. I wanted to shoot the mustard jar and make it look like it was shot with natural window light. I also wanted to keep the mood somewhat dramatic, as it would be with just one light source. But, I didn’t want the shadow areas to be all dark. I began by placing my light bank to the left so that there would be a highlight reflected in the jar. My next step was to add a fill-in card to the right of the set so that I could see some of the detail in the hot dog roll and on the right side of the jar. I then decided that I wanted the wine glass to be translucent so, I set up a background light underneath the tabletop. As a last touch, I took some black tape and ran strips over the front of the light bank so that it would look like a window in the reflection.