How To Make Unusual Images On Vacation

by William Lulow

One of the tricks to making more unusual images while on vacation is to shoot at either earlier or later times. Sunrises tend to be pinkish and sunsets more orange-red. I’m usually up very early in the morning so photographing sunrises is no problem. Here’s an example of some great early morning light:

I took another image that I plan to combine with this one to make a panorama. Here’s a sunset image:

So you can see the different tones between early and late. 

Another thing you can try is to keep on top of weather forecasts. It’s easier to anticipate special lighting conditions when you can get a good idea what the cloud cover, or lack of it, will be for any given day. Find places that have good vantage points of major cities or towns. Try to find different angles from which to photograph famous landmarks. Lower camera positions generally produce more interesting landscapes.

Think about using reflections:

If you wish to photograph a person standing in front of a famous landmark, put them off to one side and ask them to do something like put their foot on the edge of a fountain, or sit on the sidewalk nearby. Don’t just have them stand with their hands at their sides directly in front of a statue, for example:

Maybe, include other people in your composition as well! 

Think of more interesting compositions for your scenes:

Here’s a fence used as a “lead in” to this rustic barn shot. Try to think of “visual cues” like foreground treatments:

This shot of a bridge is unusual because the bridge is smaller than the foreground treatment. It leads the eye into the image and makes the viewer pay more attention to the whole scene! 

These are just a few ideas that can be used to make more interesting images when you are traveling.