by William Lulow

When you need to have a completely shadow-less light for a beauty shot, you must arrange your lights in what I call the “Hollywood Beauty Light.”  When makeup artists work their magic, they usually sit their subjects in front of a mirror surrounded with light. They do this because when light surrounds the face it produces complete light with no shadows.

The way to achieve this kind of light in a studio is to make sure that the lens is surrounded with light. If you set up a Hollywood Lighting (where the main light is a large, round umbrella placed above the lens, you then need to add another, fill-in light placed below the lens. This is the basis of the Hollywood Beauty Lighting.

Another way to achieve this is by using a Ring Light, which is a special light that attaches to the lens and circles it. I don’t like this solution as much because it produces strange looking catch lights in the subject’s eyes. But if you keep in mind the idea of encircling the lens with light, you will produce beautiful lightings with no shadows on the face.

Here are some examples:

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