Event Photography I

By William Lulow

There will always be events to photograph. Weddings, corporate meetings, speeches, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays…anytime people celebrate anything, there will be a need to document them.

What I try to do when shooting these is to capture a definitive moment or moments. Some event that tends to sum up the event or the participation in the event.

With the coming of digital photography and the development of super-sensitive CCDs, photographers have been able to rely less and less on lighting the event in favor of capturing events using available light.  These days, one can shoot at high ISO speeds and still retain excellent detail with very little loss of sharpness. While covering a recent Bar Mitzvah, I was able to shoot some images at ISO 800 and even ISO 1600 with excellent results.


The digital technology has made it much easier to capture images like these, but a good working knowledge of lighting is still necessary to take advantage of certain situations. The first image was lit by a single portable strobe placed 90 degrees to the left of the camera (ISO 100). The second image was lit by ordinary window light (ISO 400). The third image was a “grab” shot purposely shot with a slow shutter speed to blur action (ISO 1600). The fourth image was shot in open shade (ISO 100).

Having the ability to make good images with very sensitive digital cameras does not take the place of learning about light and what it can do. If one learns the various lightings I have sought to teach in some of these articles, he or she will be more able to notice these effects when observing them in the real world.

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William Lulow