“Commercial” Wedding Photography

by William Lulow

Wedding photography is an entire genre all to itself. Wedding photographers are usually “educated” to do a particular kind of job for a particular clientele. And, most do it very well, under all kinds of circumstances in various types of venues. I have been asked, several times, to do portraits of couples who choose to get married in New York City, using the city as a backdrop. I love doing these kinds of shoots because they are basically “commercial” ones, without the typical wedding shots of the bride throwing the bouquet or the dance floor routines.

It really becomes a matter of choosing the right locations and then getting the bride and groom to pose doing various things. Another thing I love about doing this type of shoot is that I’ve got the couple’s attention throughout the process. During a typical wedding, they’ve got guests to attend to and much more. So, it’s often difficult getting their attention for the purpose of making beautiful photographs. Doing a commercial shoot like this is just the opposite. I am free to create any kind of shot I wish and the couple will usually go along with it. They may even have some ideas of their own, to which I always remain open!

Here are some examples:






I call this type of photography “Commercial Wedding Photography,” because it’s really like making a commercial shot, just with a wedding couple. And, since they are all dressed up, it’s also like somewhat of a fashion shoot as well.

These images were all done with one fill-in light. Sometimes it was attached to the camera, as in the case of the jumping shot. Mostly it was placed on a light stand away from the camera and triggered by a radio.