Babies or Animals

by William Lulow

Photographing humans and animals together often makes for problems in portraiture. Since humans usually love their pets, they always pay attention to them and try to get their attention as well. The problem this poses for the photographer is that whenever the pets look good the humans are looking at them or playing with them or something. The way I solve this is to tell the humans to pay attention to the camera and to always have their smiling faces on. This quickly eliminates the need to look for good expressions on the humans and lets you concentrate on the animal. It’s still not foolproof, but it certainly makes it easier. The same goes for babies. You want the parents to pay attention to the camera and not the baby so that you can concentrate on being able to press the shutter when the baby has a good expression. It’s a little different type of portraiture because you are not looking to get an insightful portrait of the humans as much as you are trying to get a great shot of everyone.