Cover Shoots For Publications: THE CONNECTOR

PR For People

by William Lulow

Whether the magazine is published in print or on the web, making a good cover photograph has many facets to it. One of them is that the photographer must leave room for the magazine’s title as well as other headlines that normally go on covers. So, composition is one of the key factors of a successful cover. Here is one example:


In this shot, note the head room and the room on each side of the subject. This is where the art director will put any copy he or she might have. The composition leaves plenty of room for copy of any kind. Also, the warm skin tone against the gray columns draws the viewer’s eye into the shot.

Here’s another shot that’s composed for a possible cover:


Even though it is a relative close up, there is still room at the top and the sides.

Usually, a cover shot has to be interesting enough to make viewers want to open the magazine and read the lead article. It should show the subject in an interesting pose or light and expressions don’t always have to be smiling! Most often, I’m going for an expression that elicits a response on the viewer’s part that they would like to get to know the subject.

This cover will be published on March 1, 2016 and I will post it so my readers can see how the art director used the shots.