Photographic Exhibitions

by William Lulow

I have been struck lately with the notion that in today’s world where almost everything is instantaneous and nothing stays the same for very long, making photographs for exhibition has been a great way to reinvent my photographic exploits and make them more permanent. There is a great quotation that I have often referred to that says: “All Else Passes, Art Alone Endures.” I have taken this literally by creating these impressionistic landscapes and printing them on archival paper in archival mounts.  It takes a lot of work, expense (printing and framing, etc.) and effort to bring off a successful exhibition. But, it is rewarding in several ways. First, as I have said before, too many of us just view photographs on screens these days. So, printing them out in large sizes (some were 20×30), is especially gratifying. As a person who has been nearsighted most of my life, I’ve always wanted to see photographs printed large. There is a quality to some smaller prints, to be sure, but I’ve always loved the exquisite detail rendered in large, photographic prints. Second, any time you can invite the public to see your work and have 30 to 40 people show up to the opening reception is also quite heart-warming. So, if you get a chance, stop by the Scarsdale Library in Westchester, NY to see my current collection of solarized, impressionistic photographs. The address is 54 Olmstead Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583. You can call my studio for more details. (914.263.6213). The show will run through the month of April, 2015.