This is what image folders should look like on your hard drive.


This is a pretty effective method for capturing and storing all your digital images. You need to be able to access your pictures whenever you want to work on them, send them to others and/or make prints.

  • Capture the image on a digital camera or scanning device.
  • Make a new folder on your computer’s hard drive that looks something like:

    -Vacation Trip to (Place)

  • Make sure you save these files to this folder when you download or scan
  • Burn a CD or DVD with the files you have downloaded.

Now you have the files on your camera, on your computer’s hard drive and on a CD or DVD. They are now duplicated in three places.

  • You can now delete them from your camera.
  • Continue with this process for ANYTHING you shoot. Everything you shoot for this year say (2012) will go into the PHOTOGRAPHS2012 folder. So, your sub-folders will be a list of the various things you have photographed during the year. This makes everything EASY TO FIND!
  • You can now go to the folder from which you want to get an image to work on in Adobe Photoshop or other image manipulation software.
  • Once you have worked on an image (cropped, adjusted or changed in any way), use Photoshop’s “Save As” option to give it a different name and maybe even create a new sub-sub-folder called “EDITS.” This way, you will always preserve the original.

This is really an effective way of keeping track of your images so that you will always be able to find them in an instant. You might also consider getting an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE as additional protection for you images.

Any questions?

William Lulow