Portrait Sessions – 3

by William Lulow

Usually I know when a shot lends itself to Black&White, but sometimes, I see it after the shoot. In the days of film, clients would request B&W head shots or portraits. Today, most everything is shot in color because it can be converted later. I still see many scenes in B&W because of my long involvement with B&W film. Even today, I love to use filters to enhance the depiction of a landscape. There’s nothing quite like those “25A days” where the clouds are bright white and the sky is a deep blue. (The “25A” refers to the filter we use to deepen the blue sky and bring out the whites in the clouds).

A couple of months ago, I did a series of portraits of Susan Kane, a talented Westchester singer songwriter. Some of the images I thought might work better in B&W.

SusanKane_0231   SusanKane_0231BWRET2

It’s not that I didn’t like the color image. I just thought the B&W image seemed to have more “drama.”