Portrait Sessions-2

by William Lulow

As I have mentioned previously, once I decide on the lighting setup and I test it so that I know that I have the correct exposures and that the lighting is actually what I want to say about my subject during the session, I then shoot many frames where I try to capture something about the subject that says what I want it to. A good portrait session is almost as much a portrait of the photographer as it is of the subject. It’s the photographer who decides on how the photograph is to look. The photographer chooses the lighting, the pose and the expression that says what he/she wants to say. The interaction between photographer and subject is what we should always be after. The more the photographer knows the equipment – the technical side of portraiture – the better equipped he/she is to be free to capture that certain essence. So, it’s really the mastery of the science that frees the photographer to be an artist.

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